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How would you like a fitness program that meets all your needs?  Our ULTIMATE FITNESS TAE BOXING AEROBIC PROGRAM will challenge your body, blast away fat, build strength, improve coordination, and give you that FANTASTIC body you’ve always wanted

Our program is flexible, fun, and full of benefits.  It combines techniques from martial arts, boxing, resistance training, strength, cardio conditioning and flexibility training.    Unlike the monotony of training at the gym, our classes offer exciting new ways to tone and strengthen your body.   From jabs and uppercuts, to kicking and squatting, you will be amazed at how quickly you will notice a transformation take place!  Not only will your body begin to change, but you will feel an immediate boost in your energy level and attitude as well!!!

So whether you are searching for a program to help alleviate the stress of everyday life, or you are longing for a more fit and toned body, we can help!  All you have to do is walk through the door with a desire to have fun and make changes….leave the rest up to us! 

 “Wow!  Tiger Paw Tae Boxing aerobics is invigorating!   I feel so good after every class.  It has really built my self-esteem.  I am stronger and really committed now to this workout more than any other workout before.  I can honestly say that I am captivated and don’t know what I would do without these classes.  You guys are the BEST!!!—Jamie D

“I was having a really hard time after the birth of my daughter, Kaite.  My body was nowhere near what it was before and I was really depressed about it.  I thought my days of looking good were over.  One of my co-workers convinced me to go to Tiger Paw with her.  Reluctantly, I went.  I was so sore after the first class that I didn’t want to go back.  Luckily, she kept pushing me.  Within a month, I shed 7 pounds.  I still have 12 more pounds to go, but I know I will reach my goal.  Not only did the weight start coming off, but I see muscles and definition that I’ve never had before.  It is really amazing.  I am so thankful!”  --Leslie

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