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Imagine having a birthday party for your child that was TONS OF FUN FOR THEM and STRESS FREE FOR YOU!  We can make it happen. 

Our birthday parties are fun, interactive, and full of surprises!  Children of all ages can participate in our very special GROUP KARATE LESSON where they will enjoy exciting games and activities.  Our instructors are energetic and enthusiastic.  We’ll instruct a beginner level lesson, teaching the children that martial arts is not simply a fighting sport, but rather a dedication toward excellence in everything we do!  The birthday kid will be the “assistant” instructor for the day and enjoy a leadership role during the party.   He/she will be extremely excited to find out that they get the opportunity to break a real piece of wood!   As the grand finale, the birthday kid (with the expert assistance of a black belt instructor) will cut the cake with a REAL SAMURAI SWORD!  

What is the best thing about this party?  Mom and Dad don’t have to do any of the clean-up!  We’ve got it covered! 

Let us create the most memorable birthday party of your child’s life.  As with all of our award winning programs, all parents are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Call us at 410-248-0606 for more information and to schedule your child’s party! 

Different packages and themes available!

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