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Summer Camp in Rosedale


Tiger Paws offers a great summer camp program for children ages 4 and up. The camp will be structured for each hour of the day with day trips once a week.

5 reasons your child should join us at our Summer Camp!

  1. PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: Summer Camp is an excellent way for kids to get more exercise and remain active! Summer vacation tends to cause some kids to become couch potatoes since they don’t have to get up and go to school. If this is a concern of yours, you will be happy to note that summer camp is nothing like that. Quite a bit of their time is spent involved in activities and always on the move throughout the day.
  2. UNPLUG FROM TECHNOLOGY: While the whole world has become glued to anything with a screen, it’s important for your child to have an outlet where they can “unplug” and interact. They need to realize they can have fun without a tv, computer, tablet, video game, etc. and not be so dependent on it. Nothing can replace in-person interaction especially at summer camp.
  3. CONFIDENCE & INDEPENDENCE: Being away from home and not in school, gives a child a sense of freedom that they don’t normally experience any other time throughout the year. When they realize that they’re able to do certain things on their own-this is what builds their confidence. This new found confidence will have an impact on other areas of their lives for years to come.
  4. SOCIAL SKILLS: Among the different skills kids learn while away at camp, proper social skills is a big one. Whether your kids make friends easy or are very shy, it can help in both cases. They will need to be a part of a community while at camp, eating together, playing together, and learning together. A lot of important teamwork is involved in summer camp, even at the specialty themed camps. Your child will come home with a new way to look at the world, beginning with their improved social skills.
  5. MAKING NEW FRIENDS: Making friends is hard for some kids, but not at camp! Just about everyone makes new friends at summer camp, as it is hard not to. They spend nearly all their time together in smaller groups, so they are bound to start chatting and enjoying each other’s company. During the day, they participate in fun games, arts and crafts, and lots of activities together. Your child might meet the friends they will have for the next 50 years of their life.