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TaeBoxing in Middle River

Discover the Benefits of Taeboxing at Tiger Paw Martial Arts

What would you say to an exercise regimen that has the ability to help you shed 800 calories per session? How would you feel about a workout system that can help you achieve a level of physical fitness greater than you ever thought possible? Would you like to start an exercise program capable of promoting marked improvements in your mental as well as physical health? If you are interested in learning more, Tiger Paw Martial Arts is the place for you!

Our skilled, professional staff is eager to show you how to energize your exercise routine by adding a high-intensity workout cardio kickboxing to the mix. The innovative instructional techniques offered at Tiger Paw Martial Arts can help students of all skill levels make great strides, both mentally and physically. All instructors at our school possess the necessary training to make each session a thrilling, challenging and satisfying experience.

Have you lost interest in your typical workouts? Do you feel as though you have fallen into a fitness rut? If you sense that something is missing from your usual exercise program, it may be a great time to try something completely new and different. Adding variety to your workouts can be a very effective way of keeping motivation strong and producing impressive improvements in your overall fitness.

Perhaps you should consider kicking your workouts into high gear with us by taking part in our exciting instructional program. Also known as cardio kickboxing aerobics. Taeboxing itself is a blend of martial arts techniques and aerobic workouts, and provides a rigorous cross-training experience and a thorough workout of all major muscles.

Bag work, a featured element of any kickboxing workout at Tiger Paw Martial Arts, will help you quickly shed fat and calories. Resistance workouts are also incorporated in each session, facilitating increased muscle tone. This will help you attain the sculpted look you desire.

Here at Tiger Paw Martial Arts, we are accustomed to witnessing the astounding mental and physical transformations of our students. There is no reason the next one can't revolve around you! Don't wait another minute, just dial 410-248-0606. You will be able to speak directly with an experienced member of our staff who will be happy to give you the details of our $19.95 free trial program. The purpose of this trial period is to help you feel certain that Tiger Paw Martial Arts is the best environment for you to embark on your fitness journey. Come take advantage of all we have to offer, and begin your transformation right away!

We truly look forward to working with you!